blog that will not end

This old computer makes it impossible to write in this blog. And, I do have stuff. Last night I wanted to write about how my iPhone crashed, and how awesome the people at the apple store on Walnut street were in fixing it. Or..I could write about the flyers winning 8-1. Or I could write about how hard it is to get through life with all the bullshit. How just having one thing to hold on, how you try to make it through. And it’s hard to blog with missing keys. Hopefully I’ll have my laptop back soon, but it’s in California, so I’m stuck using the lousy old everex. And it’s battery has gotten worse, so it dies if I move it, because the cord is loose, and it can’t hold a charge at all. It doesn’t move past zero. And songs play through my mind, and I can’t speak of them.

And I’m so grateful to the apple store. I’d buy my iPhone there (when I buy one), though probably not, walking out of an apple store with a bag is just screaming “rob me, rob me please!”

And sometimes not doing much of anything an be glorious. And sometimes there’s one thing you want, that seems like it should be in reach, but you can’t grab it, and its your fault, because you have pudgy fingers and you keep falling down. Because I’m klutzy, so I probably shouldn’t wear heels. Even though I’m short. And I will kill that tub of ice ream.

And sometimes you have to wonder what the point is. You need a light at the end that isn’t an oncoming train. And sometimes I get in moods where I kinda talk like River Tam, but without the psychic abilities, without the killing machine ways. Though, at least I don’t have to fight reavers.

It always seems to come back for firefly. This will be riddled with spelling errors. And we all disappoint each other- don’t we? But, sometimes it works out anyway, and you get a happy genius who fixes your iPhone, and a great time doing an infinite nothing, and a total addition to fried chicken. I promise, in context that all makes sense. I like being vague. It amuses me.

A guy called me witty the other day. It’s the kinda small compliment that sticks with me, like when Ben Selkow (an awesome songwriter) said he liked my writing in my blog. Small compliment, but years later I recall it. And…this entry isn’t witty. It’s vague, alluding to things I cannot say, all over the place, due to fuzzy eyes, and lack of sleep, and septa based exhaustion. And it sucks when a commute takes two hours by bus that takes a half hour by car. Though, to be fair, that time of day it is longer than that.

And they are sinking the Olympia. This is a tragedy, it’s a beautiful ship, full of history. But, no one ares about history, do they? I’ll have to go see it before it becomes just another reef at the bottom of the ocean. See it without running into it with my kayak. Though at least I didn’t fall in the water and get laughed at by a random old dude.

And I won’t end this entry- will I? But I really should, before the screen goes black, and I have to start over.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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