totally non-insightful 2010 elections stream of consciousness

It’s election day today. As I stood at my polling place this morning, I had this awful sense that no matter who I voted for I would end up regretting it. This is a common feeling for me in elections. I hate politicians. I actually kinda like politics, in a staring at a car accident kind of way.

And this sat…for hours. Anyway, I am watching the political coverage, and mocking it, mostly. Like serious Ed Rendell…your wife let you die your hair blond?!?! And..why did that nut-job in NY have an orange bat?? He’s a scary dude. And everything is so red and blue red and blue. Luke Russert is pretty cute.

I am ten buckets of random today. I blame lack of sleep. And too much red and blue. So yeah, I have NOTHING insightful to say. I voted, I got a badge, I rock. Yawn. I do…what? I do love the magic map. Can you tell I’m flicking? CNN seriously uses a lot of electricity. All those lights, and TV’s, and laptops. Craziness. At least there’s no hologram this year.

Yeah, nothing insightful. I got other shit going on I refuse to speak too. I have to send my laptop back for a warranty thing, I will miss it so. I guess I’ll just use my crappy, old, slow one. With the 1 gig of memory running crappy Vista, and the totally incompetent battery with the charger that doesn’t work. We’ll see.

I hate politicians, seriously. At least now Dan Onorato will stop calling me. Wait..white boys club?? Seriously Chris Matthews. *head desk*. On that note..I should go to bed, before I lose ALL faith in humanity and our political process.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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