Support…or else??

This isn’t about politics. This is not about health care, or those
crazy birthers, or tea partiers, or dim witted candidates. This is not
about any of that.

This is about me rambling along up Vine Street on my way to work, and
being accosted by a large sign, baring a picture of President Obama
and a message- “Support Obama- vote November 2nd”. And this, this just
didn’t sit right with me. It felt a little….1984. And no, before I
get angry comments, I’m not comparing the president to an Orwellian
villain. It’s just, hard to put a finger on, but it just doesn’t sit
right with me. Like, I just don’t want to see pictures of the
president plastered all over the city, it’s creepy. This isn’t a 3rd
world dictatorship, this is America, we don’t work that way. And no,
I’m NOT saying Obama is a dictator, or a socialist, or any such

I’m just saying I don’t like being accosted with posters to support
the current leader of the free world, with pictures attached to them.
It almost feels like there’s cameras in the eyes of the photo making
sure we’re properly “supporting him”. Creepy, is all I’m saying.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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