lots of potential, unrealized

I’m tired. I don’t feel like being coherent. Earlier, I was trying to write a blog about the haunted house I went to last night. At Pennhurst, out in Chester County. Lots of potential, unrealized. The actual story of the place is more interesting than the haunted house, which was decent enough, but a two hour wait in the windy cold for a twenty min haunted house is somewhat unreasonable.

And tonight the Phillies lost. Still a long series ahead of us though, we just gotta start hitting. And my neck hurts. And my glasses keep sliding down my nose. And it seems colder than usual for this time of year.  I’m sitting in bed, with a sweatshirt, and pants, and a phanatic t-shirt that my friend bought me for my birthday on, and the window is closed, and the blinds are down, and I’m still freezing.

And I saw stars tonight. I love seeing stars, its rare for me to see more than one of two of them. One night not long ago, I was coming home, and I noticed that above my house I could actually see stars, like a full constellation, but i didn’t pay attention in the planetarium, and I’m bad at seeing symbols, so i couldn’t make out which one. And, I’ve never gone camping, I bet its nice to fall asleep under stars instead of street lights sometimes. Looking up and seeing stars may be one of my favorite things ever. Maybe because I’m a sad city girl, who until a couple weeks ago had never even climbed a tree. Yeah, a couple weeks ago I climbed a tree. At Benjamin Rush State Park. They have evil fucking plants there, they cut my hand and tried to eat me.

Wait..no…that’s not right, tried to eat me?? That can’t have happened. I need to sleep more, but when I sleep on my stomach I can’t breathe. And when I’m the cheerful one at the table, something’s horribly wrong. And..its 4am, and I’m watching exposes of haunted houses from 1968..wait…that’s not right. Whatever, still not ideal late night internet fodder, but I watched Glee last night, I’m all out of cheerful programming. It was a really good Glee this week. I need to clip my nails.

And when I’m talking about nails….its time for this to end.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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