the iPhone bug

And..I’ve gotten the iPhone bug, so the hunt starts again. I’m trying to figure out ways to maneuver AT&T so I can get an iPhone at a discounted rate. But the options are rather complicated…

1. Use my mother’s upgrade (she’s on a separate account). In this option, the phone has to be activated on my mother’s account for at least a month, unless I am able to nag AT&T to letting her activate a sim card on her old phone. Once that is done, and the month is up, I can then activate on my account, and I have new iPhone- yay! Still rather tedious tho, and will require time on the phone in order to avoid paying for sim cards.

2. Transfer of responsibility for payment to my mother’s account, then do a basic upgrade swap. After a couple months I can probably detach the accounts again, but I’d lose my tenure, and my rollover minutes. And it involves complicated things involving contracts.

3. Add a line to my account. Pay ten bucks for said extra line, while using the iPhone on my primary line, and either keep paying (at which point it’s overly expensive), or let my old line die in July, but then I have to switch numbers. Or, I could try to find someone to transfer the line to. Though that’s doubtful.

So much of the past year or so has been spent in search of iPhones- has anyone else noticed that?? I could try to say that’s a metaphor for something, or I’m distracting myself from something, or something. But..maybe I just really like my iPhone, and want one that works better? I dunno.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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