The Umbrella Corporation Fails Logic Forever

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so if you are that worried about being spoiled about a silly zombie movie- well, you’ve been warned.

Resident Evil 3 was..pretty bad. And yeah, they are all silly zombie movies, and I never played the games, but still. There was massive failing of science forever- I mean, how exactly did the T virus stop it from raining? Why does Alice have psychic powers?? Sigh.

The fourth one works to correct this stuff, by not mentioning the freaky climate from the last movie, and Alice loses her powers right near the beginning. Overall, it was an enjoyable, fun to watch, smart enough to not run long movie, especially considering it was the 4th freaking one. One problem though- in the first movie, and even the second, though the Umbrella Corporation was clearly evil, their evil made sense. They wanted power, or money, or something.

By the 4th movie they are just evil for the sake of it. For one thing, stop ingesting the T virus! I’m sorry, but if a virus has a side effect of zombie-ism- I’m not fucking taking it willingly. They clearly haven’t worked all the kinks out of it, haven’t they ever watched any movies or read any books? Hello Dr. Jekyll, don’t be your own fucking guinea pig. Not worth it, I don’t care how strong and fast you are.

Further, even if we figure there are other pockets of survivors, and we don’t know exactly how many people Umbrella has employed for them..that gives you maybe 10,000 people. Across the globe, we’re talking population bottleneck here. So, collecting 2000 people to do horrifying experiments on?? Not worth it. Are they trying to make money?? From what government- what currency? What are all these people eating? Are they trying to control the world- it wouldn’t be necessary to be so fucking evil- who is competing with them?? It’s a crapsack dying world…there’s nothing to control. At some point the people need to stop killing each other, work on someway of clearing out all the fucking zombies, and get to breeding if humanity is going to survive. Killing hundreds of people is not helpful- YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! Its just stupid, they should give it a rest already…especially with the whole ingesting the T-virus thing. I mean, hell, it makes your head split in two- this isn’t good, what is wrong with you people?!?!?

Plus, the only one who can handle the T-virus is Alice, because she is the only one who has “strong” enough DNA (not the way DNA works- but whatever).

Crazy Umbrella executive- “The T virus is taking over, so I need to EAT your DNA to be strong enough to handle the virus”

Alice- “There’s just one problem with that…”

Me- Science??

Eating DNA, Jesus. That said…if there’s a fifth one- I am so going to see it, even if it does fail science and logic forever.


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