White Michael Vick

I can get not giving a shit. Wanting to give him a second chance.
Thinking his football skills are worth it (tho I seriously question
your football knowledge). Christian forgiveness, blah blah blah. Being
a fan no matter what. I disagree, strenuously object, can’t watch the
Eagles because football is less fun when you’re routing for an injury.

But, to buy his jersey. To buy and wear his fucking jersey. To make
public the fact that you are a fan, not just of the team, but of him
specifically. Just…no. I mean, do you really hate dogs and cats??
You a big fan of herpes?? Why in hell would you choose to wear his
jersey- you low class asshole. Maybe your secretly are attracted to him?

If someone gave me a Vick jersey, or a T.O. Jersey, or for that matter
a Ben Roethlisburger jersey (rapey motherfucker). I’d burn it. I would
NEVER wear it. I wouldn’t wear a Bobby Hoying or a Joe Blanton jersey
either. (they aren’t bad people, but I can’t publicly support
incompetence, god Joe Blanton is an incompetent pudgy motherfucker,
and there’s like a 50% chance he will pitch any game I attend- if he
starts in the playoffs I will kidnap Charlie Manuel). And…I got
distracted. Fuck Michael Vick, and any drunken rednecks who wear his
apparel. Don’t talk to me- seriously. Not unless you want to get
flipped off.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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One Response to White Michael Vick

  1. Beetle says:

    Well I bought a Michael Vick jersey but only to make a malicious, mean-spirited scaredcrow out of. Then I decided I’d return it back to Kmart (despite it being used) because, as Mark says, I’m a J-O-O.

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