Don’t rely on SEPTA

I don’t exactly expect epic perfection out of transit company. Hell,
I’ve learned to not even accept consistent climate control,
cleanliness, polite employees, or reasonable prices.

Hell, I can even accept their idiotic decision to rename the train
lines, the fact that even if I had the option to not use them, I’d
still be forced to support them via tax dollars, even tho they aren’t
publicly accountable. I even accept the fact that their GM chooses to
show what an asshole he us via a weekly newspaper column.

What I can’t accept is the chronic and pointless unreliability. The
fact that 15 minutes after a bus was supposed to show up it’s still
not there, even as three buses go by in the opposite direction. When I
realized that I should have just walked, which I ended up doing
anyway, rather than relying on a bus schedule, because, well septa
fucking sucks!! Today’s lesson- don’t rely on septa!!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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