Hot air balloon

I love looking at the tops of buildings. From high up, in a skyscraper, the whole city below me. The tops of buildings, looking small. I like figuring out what I see in the distance, and what goes on below.

Today would’ve been a beautiful day to ride in the zoo balloon. I note this, because as I walked to buy lunch, I crossed the parkway, and the sky was bright blue, and the zoo balloon flew over the art museum. And I just thought, perfect day for it, now wouldn’t that be awesome. Our city can really be beautiful when it wants to be.

And…better writers than me would be able to make that go somewhere. And watching Castaway makes me terrified to ride in a plane. And it’s already getting dark, and it’s not even 8pm. This depresses me deeply.

I think the worst part of winter is how dark it is. Not even the cold weather (though that does suck), or the snow, or the getting splashed by snow puddles. It’s the fucking endless darkness. It’s leaving work and it being pitch black already.

Not that I hate the night. Sometimes the lights of the city can be exciting. Something sitting on the porch at night can be very very nice. But..still…there’s something to be said for long summer days.

And I have a headache. Among other things. I keep getting distracted and coming back to this entry, no wonder it’s so disjointed. I’d say I should just quit while I’m ahead, but that would imply that I in fact am ahead. Which I rather doubt. It has taken me HOURS to write this, I’ve been easily distracted. I completely forget what my original point was except that I would really like to ride in a hot air balloon.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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