Pompous Oscar bait and other things that make me sick

I’ve had a couple of blog ideas for this past week, but they’ve both gotten shelved. I went to a Serenity thingy at UPenn on Sunday, and I considered writing about that, but aside from the awesomeness of Serenity, and of Dr. Horrible (which I hadn’t seen all of before), there’s not a lot to write about there. I mean, I could make pervy comments about the hotness of Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris, curse the untimely demise of Firefly, but honestly my favorite part of the day (during which I characteristically didn’t feel well), was someone yelling during the point in the movie where…well, if you’ve seen the movie, you can guess during which point one random person would yell out “Joss (i.e. Joss Whedon) sucks!”. Also, they had a whole CD playing of Star Wars themed music….which is just weird.

I suppose I could have dragged that out into a whole blog, gone into detail about how absurdly nice the Fresh Grocer is, or the awesome used-to-be bank across the street, or talked about dinner at Olive Garden after (never-ending pasta bowl is the best promotion ever, even if it, like everything, made me kinda sick), but…the moment passed…and there’s other shit I thought about writing about.

Like, the other night I watched the Reader. Pompous and irritating. I’m sorry, am I really supposed to be so sympathetic to the fucking war criminal? And wow, she learned to read, how fucking poignant. And besides, spoilers ahead- how fucked up is your moral compass when it’s less embarrassing to admit to murdering people than it is to admit to illiteracy? Really?? God, stupid fucking movie. Typical trite Oscar bait. Well acted and all, but God it was dull, and irritating. Like, don’t shoehorn some message about literacy into a movie about the fucking Holocaust. For fucks sake, she didn’t even seem that remorseful for most of the movie, and I don’t care if she did need the job, if I had sent innocents to their death at a death camp, I wouldn’t be able to fucking live with myself. And she’s the fucking sympathetic character? Fuck that noise.

Yeah, I was going to be even more detailed, but I’m running out of time here. I need to get some sleep. I was violently ill this morning, sleep would be helpful so that I can actually survive the day at work tomorrow.

The Reader still sucks though….


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