The R. Kelly method of debating

No, this blog post is not about child porn, or how R. Kelly used the
“all black people look alike defense” and should be ashamed. Nor does
it have anything to do with being locked in a closet, thank God.

No, this has to do with how people who hate each other come to
resemble each other, and about one particular metaphor an atheist used
against me today.

Now, if you know me at all, or read this blog even halfway regularly,
you know I’m not a terribly religious person. I don’t belong to any
denomination, I don’t see the inside of a church, I flat ignore much
of the bible. I curse, I swear, I lie.

But despite all that, and despite questions I may have about the
nature of God’s existence, and whether or not he’s less benevolent and
more magnificent bastard, I’ve never truly doubted that he does exist.

And overly religious folk annoy me. But, the overly atheistic folks
are even worse. At least when religious people preach, I figure they
are concerned about my immortal soul, even if it’s none of their
business. But what the fuck is the pushy atheist deal? What are they
trying to save me from?

They resort to the same pushy tactics religious folk do, and they can
be even more condescending. Which brings me to the R. Kelly thing.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof so he says. If I
flapped my arms and said I could fly, but only when no one was
looking, would I believe he could fly?

The thing is, I do see evidence. I see sunsets. And kittens. And
monsoons and the ocean. I see a sky that’s vast and big. I see things
that are extraordinary. And, I refuse to believe that we are just here
from nothing. That a world this crazy could have truly occurred on
accident. I see the sunset, and I see the clouds blow. I see
thunderstorms. And the world can be truly awful. But there is good
there too. And, that isn’t just coincidence, that isn’t just on
accident. This all didn’t just happen to be. And when I look out my
window, I see that.

And sometimes I think we are all just a big reality show for gods
amusement. And sometimes the world seems like a giant cosmic joke.
But, that still requires someone to tell the joke. And sometimes evil
people do well. And, I admit that I’d rather laugh with the sinners
than cry with the saints. And I admit, sometimes people use God and
religion for totally evil means. And sometimes it’s hard to see the
point of it all.

But then I see the sunset…


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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