Carrie Bradshaw is everything that’s wrong

Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of all that is wrong with women. And, I say this as someone who watches Sex and the City, and finds myself constantly murmuring obscenities at her inane behavior as I watch. Yes, this entry was inspired by a rerun of Sex and the City first aired ten years ago, this may be the most dated entry I have ever written…

Now, Carrie throughout the entire series, and at least the first movie (and probably the second one, I haven’t seen it), manages to be a self-involved brat. She’s a total drama queen, she’s totally narcissistic. She allows Charlotte to give her her WEDDING ring to pay for her apartment, instead of, oh, I dunno, selling some of her shoe collection? She whines constantly, and she acts like she’s the cutest thing ever..and well..we all know what Sarah Jessica Parker looks like.

That said, what takes the cake is Aidan, her entire relationship with Aidan, even in the beginning. Aidan acts the exact same way that she constantly whined Big would act, but she still finds a way to be a whiny drama queen. It’s like, in the episode I watched today, and she asked Aidan why he was still single when he was so great. The answer was simple I think- if you looked at his romantic history, you’d see a whole line of bratty girlfriend like Carrie who ended up wrecking him. Just a theory. Then she cheats on him, constantly for months with her married ex-bf, and then when does she pick to tell him about it- her friend’s wedding?!?! Talk about self-involved. Then when they see each other again, she actually gets upset at him for only nodding to her. Like, bitch, you should be happy he didn’t slap you upside your head. And then he takes her back!! And proposes!! And then she bitches about the ring- so he buys the bitch another one!!! Which she then refuses to wear, and wigs out because even though she nagged Big for a commitment constantly, she couldn’t say WHEN she would be ready to get married.

What’s even more annoying is that after this whole thing she continued to whine about how no one ever wanted her, and complaining about things Big DIDN’T do, completing ignoring the fact that Aidan, who she claimed to love, did want her, wanted to marry her, wanted to put up with her. It’s just frustrating.

Especially since Carrie still got a happy ending. Carrie is everything that is wrong. She’s an idiot, and she gets a happy ending. And the show portrays her as being right much of the time. It’s just…it’s her behavior that makes men think women are crazy. It’s her behavior that is petty and entitled. She IS the problem. God I hate Carrie Bradshaw.


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4 Responses to Carrie Bradshaw is everything that’s wrong

  1. angejim0531 says:

    She cheats on Big with Aiden in the 2nd movie, and Big lets her off the hook, I’m still mad about it.

    • boredgirl260 says:

      God she is such a karma houdini! I guess there is a poetic irony to her cheating on Big with Aidan after cheating on Aidan with Big…I don’t see why either guy has anything to do with her!!!

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    I agree with what you wrote about what is everything bad and wrong about Carrie Bradshaw. Do check out my latest post about why I don’t like Sex and the City:

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