the never ending concert

I’m having difficulty titling this entry. I almost titled it the tried and true “The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care…right?”, but then I realized that I used that title for the Offspring concert recap I did last year. So not original. I’ve considered “I’m getting to old for this shit”, ala Lethal Weapon. Both seemed apt, but…I dunno. Maybe it will come to me.

My day started yesterday with me running for a bus. I had a three-pronged SEPTA trip planned in order to get down to Festival Pier. Unfortunately, Google maps let me down, leaving out the crucial point that the bus I needed was an EXPRESS, which I had to catch two blocks down from my normal bus stop. Cue epic run. This set up the exhaustion of the rest of my day.

The concert opened with a band Pepper, who I had never heard of before, but who played good, kinda punky music, and who were all topless. And the lead singer in particular could totally pull that off.

Next up was The Offspring, the band I actually came there to see. At this point..the crowd got a little more….active. Bring on the moshing. Now, at this point things were already crowded, and humid, and severely overheated. It was hard to breathe. And then the moshing started.

Now, I’m going to sound like an old fogie here, but I don’t get mosh pits. Like, I get jumping around, and singing along. But, I don’t get the pointless aggression. It was just exhausting, and stressful. The Offspring started with You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, and the moshing just got more intense from there. Eventually me and my friend decide for our health we need to get out of the pit, so we push our way out to the side. After ducking two aggressive mosh pits. I got myself a $4 bottle of water and a $4 water ice to stem off dehydration, and enjoyed the rest of the Offspring’s set. They played one new song, to everyone’s seeming annoyance, and mostly well-known singles (to my friend’s annoyance). You know the drill, Pretty Fly, Gone Away, Why Don’t You Get a Job (but never She’s Got Issues, a much better single, IMO, from that same album), Self Esteem, Come Out and Play. After they finished their set, we decided to make our way to the middle, under the misguided perception that 311 would lead to a milder pit than Offspring.

Boy, were we wrong! The moshing for 311 was even more aggressive. They started with one of the few songs of theirs i really like, and I couldn’t even enjoy it because I was getting elbowed in the face, stepped on, and it took all my effort to stay on my feet. Fuck that noise, back to the side, pushing and shoving all the way, we go. And we enjoy the rest of 311’s set…but, it JUST KEPT GOING. I’m not the biggest 311 fan, so as the clock ticked away…and each of their songs bled into the next in a redundant pattern. They are a good band and all, but by the time they encored I was ready to boo. I didn’t, because I’m not suicidal, but still…

That aside, I had a great time. A sweaty, exhausting, never ending, but still really really fun, good time.


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