I can’t remember not being tired. I know there must be some point in
my life where I actually felt rested, felt like sitting by the dock of
the bay, watching the tide roll away, was NOT a good idea. Where the
thought of even typing on my iPhone as we speak didn’t fill me with
exhaustion. I don’t know how people with kids, and workout schedules,
and important jobs function. At one point Saturday night after I got
home I was actually too tired to go to sleep. And sometimes daydreams
seem better than actually living. Last night I was too tired to finish
installing the Sims 2, but I didn’t really go to bed, I was still up
past 1. Yeah, not a mystery why the fuck I’m tired. Mentally tired,
physically tired. The sound of my brain exhausts me. I think I need to
sleep for like a week, but I wouldn’t even be able to. I’d get bored,
or feel a strong desire to check my email. And I remember this song
on my zune. Some random guitar playing dude, sophomore year of college.
Fucking chat. Those popcorn chicken always made me sick. I barely have
the energy to get off this bus.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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