happy endings

Sometimes I wish life was like the movies. Wait, let me qualify like
that. Not like any movie. I can see it now, some vengeful genie
sticking me in the Terminator movies. Seriously, fuck Skynet, that
won’t do. Or, a zombie movie, or worse yet, The Matrix. If my choices
are be a human battery or fucking Zion I choose death.

No, I want a happy movie. Where the protagonists get together in the
end. In the rain, on the beach. Some grand romantic gesture, they come
to their senses, the end. And it’s cheesy, and stupid. But it will
forever warm me when Mr. Darcy likes Bridget Jones just the way she
is. I want that. Happy endings, impossible love. Heroes to defeat the
bad guys, hackneyed coincidences to make everything turn out okay.

Because a world that’s all happy endings would suck. It’d be trite,
cliched, stupid. But a world with no happy endings, a world of indie
flicks where everything is bittersweet, sucks harder. Because why
bother. Why bother even fucking getting up. There is no gold pot at
the end of the rainbow, there is no love in the rain, there’s


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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