Jury duty

I had jury duty today….

1. Why does so much of Philadelphia smell like ass all the time??
2. I was juror number 10. Juror number 11 was very very cute. Better women than me may have tried to make something of that.
3. Lots of places around the courthouse apparently offer juror discounts for lunch. I didn’t take advantage.
4. People got very cranky. There was a lot of lining up in twos, which didn’t bother me at all, but apparently many others resented.
5. I did not need to have struggled to get there by 8:15
6. On the upside there were a ton of breaks
7. Voir dire form questions were generally predictable. I never actually got questioned by a judge, but one thinks that if I was my “vitim of rime” status may have worked in my favor.
8. Speaking of which, I really want a newer iPhone
9. SEPTA was typically sucky. This was not directly connected to jury duty, which I had no problem getting to, but instead later. I visited a friend after I was discharged from jury duty, and a bus trip that usually takes about an hour and half (due to exchanges between three buses), took over two hours. The first bus being late just wrecked havoc on my commute
10. They didn’t make me check my phone, but I was good and kept it off when I was indoors
11. The whole thing really wasn’t all that bad. It would have kinda sucked if I ended up on a case, but I don’t get why people bitch so much about it.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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