Girly in all the wrong ways

Maybe the problem is I’m girly in all the wrong ways. I whine and cry, but don’t cook and clean. I often pick comfort over style, and I loathe wearing makeup.

I like to think of this as a positive thing, that I’m not all frilly. That I like to drink whiskey, or watch football, or watch movies with explosions in them, even if I do like romantic comedies too. I like to think that the qualities that make me get along so well with guys as friends translates into getting along well as a girlfriend. I especially like to think this, because not only do I not have any skill for many girly things, I don’t even like most of them.

I mean, I like shopping, but I tire of it quicker than some girls. And I like romantic comedies, but don’t list them among my favorite movies. The problem is, I’m not easy to pin down. Because I’m not athletic, or particularly tough. I weep more than I should, and lack upper body strength, and am hopelessly klutzy.

So instead I’m this weird half-breed (in more ways than one), and though I’d like to think that makes me the best of both worlds, maybe it makes me the worst.

Maybe that’s why I’m not the type of girl you dress up for or impress. Maybe that’s why I’m not taken seriously, or treated the way I am. Maybe, and this seems to be a theme, I just don’t fit in.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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