iphone schemes

So, earlier today, upon hearing the news that iPhone customers who had eligibility dates anytime in 2010 were going to be allowed to upgrade up to six months early, I called AT&T. The first woman I got was snippy and aggravating. The second rep was nicer, but they still wouldn’t budge on my date. Leading me to be forced to use an Edge phone with constantly dropping calls until March 2011, unless I do one of the following options…

1. Look for a 3gs on eBay. On the one hand, they should be coming down in price. On the other, I’m not sure they’ll come down that much cheaper than the AT&T price, and even though it’d be nice not to sign a contract, I suck at eBay. It took several months and a couple fall starts to find my 2g. If I do choose to do this, I’ll probably wait awhile, just in case there’s…

2. cheaper refurbs from either AT&T, Apple, or a third party. I remember at one point last year 3g refurbs could be had, even with my status, for about $150. That would be awesome, and worth signing a new contract.

3. A convoluted plan involving getting a 2nd line on my account. I won’t do this…

Or I  can just wait until March…we’ll see.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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