Lessons from a dollar dog night

1. Do not, and I mean do not, under any circumstances, buy batteries from the dollar store. I bought a pack from the dollar store in Suburban station last week (knowing my batteries in my camera were low), and they seriously sucked. My camera wouldn’t take one picture, nor will it let me upload the pictures I was able to take with the old almost dead batteries. I’ll have to go to a real store to buy batteries tomorrow….and they were name brand too!!

2. Selling Budweiser for 7.25 a bottle should probably a crime against humanity…

3. The Phanatic dancing with a pig…priceless!!

4. Mmmm crab fries

5. I love the Flyers..but starting to chant Let’s Go Flyers in a 2-0 game is just silly…way to give up people!!!

6. It’s really stupid that they don’t let people wear World Phucking champions t-shirts..good thing I didn’t wear mine.

7. Eight dollars for chicken tenders….shameful!

8. Hamels is looking really good this season…of course he lost anyway.

9. Just because the team lost, doesn’t mean going to the game was a waste of time!!!

10. People who don’t get baseball won’t get that low scoring games can be fun too..

11. I am clearly bad luck for the Phillies…


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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