Sports news to have an aneurysm to

This is clearly a sports week filled with frustrating stupidity. First
yesterday I check my email, and it nearly gives me an aneurysm. The
damn Eagles actually sent out an email titled “What makes Andy Reid a
great coach. ” I wish I was joking. It really speaks to how fucked the
Eagles are as a franchise that not only do they believe nonsensical
information (there is not enough acid in the world to make Andy Reid
seem like a great coach), they feel the need to pompously send it out
in a news release. They list as justification the fact that he is the
winningest coach in franchise history. Which is kinda like being the
smartest kid in special ed- it’s nice and all, but that doesn’t mean I
want you performing my surgery.

Andy Reid is the king of going 10-6. That doesn’t make him great, at
best that makes him above average. And that’s assuming you just go
based on numbers, and not on the soul crushing experience of watching
him coach a game. And he’s gotten worse, worse I say. He’s always been
fully incapable of making adjustments in game, but he used to be able
to come up with a decent game-plan ahead of time, now his play-calling
makes grown men cry. And not in a good way.

And the clock management. Jesus, how did he get out of kindergarten
with such an inability to tell time. Hmm, we should totally run a
hurry-up offense in the 1st quarter and then huddle every play in the
4th. How a coach can be great when he’s made it to one super bowl, the
last five minutes of which still give me nightmares, is totally
beyond me. And it’s not like he can blame the personnel for his
failure, since he’s the one making those decisions.

In my opinion, Andy Reid lost any right to be considered good, let
alone great, when he punted that game away against the new Orleans
saints all those years ago. In addition, I can’t recall getting an
email from the phillies ever saying “Why Charlie Manuel is a great
coach”. You know why?? Because when you are great you don’t have to
say so. Whereas the eagles are cocky arrogant bastards. Who think they
can somehow claim to be some gold standard in sports when they are the
franchise in town who’ve gone the longest without winning. News flash
assholes- you are not the gold standard when you haven’t won in half a
century. If you won your last championship when we still had no Negros
signs and Eisenhower was still president- something is seriously
wrong. You need mocking, not praise, and to be looked down upon, not
up to. And you clearly have no idea what greatness truly is, or else
you would never use the word anywhere near anything having to do with
Andy Reid.

Oh yeah, and the other sports story irritating me?? Seriously idiots,
you’d put your dead grandfather in a wood-chipper to try to win flyers
tickets?? I think I prefer the relative moral uprightness of
prostitution- at least in that case she would’ve gotten tickets out of
the deal, whereas this dumb ho is on the express train to hell, while
still watching the game from home. Stub-hub is legalized larceny, but
it’s gotta be better than sullying the dead, or chipping up your
wedding gown before you even wear it. I seriously hope that bitch
doesn’t end up getting married, because she is way too stupid to be
allowed to breed…

Addendum: The Flyers won after I wrote this- putting me in a much better
mood. Andy Reid still sucks though….


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