quasi-political rant

I hate Philly government employees. I originally wrote this sentence as “I hate government employees”, but then I realized two of my best friends, and my stepfather, work for the government, and I don’t hate them.  So, I needed to narrow it. Anyway…

We got this bullshit ticket on our street, and I won’t bore with the details, but it required calling traffic court to dispute the ticket. The phone lines there are staffed with lazy, mean, insolent bastards. Of course.

What I hate is that every year the city wants to raise taxes to fill some gaping budget hole, and if they don’t raise said taxes, they will have to shutter the libraries, fire all the cops, and let the city burn. Now, I’m no urban planner, but raising the cost of living in a city while still have shit services kinda runs the risk of driving out your tax base. Meaning you have a higher % of poor people. Meaning you have to raise taxes again to pay for all the social services.

And there’s this building full of lazy bastards across from city hall. Never mind all the lazy corrupt bastards in city hall. Who retire for a day to take a big payout. Who expect to be retired at 45 and get paid a pension for the rest of their life. Who do redundant things of minimal value, while doing the least amount of work possible to maintain their jobs. The whole thing is a mess, and if it were up to me, I’d go through every single one of those jobs, every single line of pointless city expenditure, before I’d raise taxes, and certainly before I’d cut police or close libraries.

And if I want to drink soda, and I want to eat trans-fats, then, fucking let me. I’m sick of nanny state bullshit. And high wage taxes to pay insolent city workers. And I’m sick of SEPTA cashiers (aka those people who don’t even handle cash, but instead sit behind the glass and point sullenly at the token machine, occasionally giving directions, but more often giving dirty looks) getting paid 50 grand a year. And, I know people say why begrudge them their sweet deal. Well, I wouldn’t. Except I’m paying for it with my fares, and my taxes.

And..I love my city. Dearly and truly. I adore walking around town, and exploring, and I have a totally creepy tendency to take photos of the skyline whenever I see fit. And Philly is my home, and I truly can’t see myself ever wanting to live anyplace else. And, that’s why this shit bothers me. We could be so fucking great, but instead we drown in red tape, bureaucracy, and corruption. And I don’t like getting nothing for something so others can get something for nothing. And if you’re going to raise my taxes, fill the fucking potholes, and plow my fucking street, and maybe do something about the whole revolving door nature of things.

And we’ll be fine, hell, we’re due to gain population for the first times in ages (assuming all the deadbeats/paranoid government nuts/ criminals can be bothered to turn in their census forms). Seriously people, stop being lazy, for fucks sake no matter what your political persuasion do not listen to Michelle Bachman or Glen Beck, and fill out the damn forms. Because, I want my city to be…fuck that, we are great. But, I want everyone to know it. I want out-of-town sportswriters to stop smearing us based on what sociopaths from Cherry Hill do, and I want it to be a nice place to live where my taxes don’t go up while my services go down. I want officials to use their creativity for something OTHER than stealing taxpayer money to line their own pockets. I want lots of things.

But unlike a sane family, or a lottery win, or Michael Vick being struck down by lightening, these things should be possible. But, should is a pretty useless word isn’t it??


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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