I totally did not see this one coming

Ok, I admit, I TOTALLY didn’t see this coming. When the Flyers got down 3-0, I assumed they were going to lose. My biggest hope was that they would at least win one game to avoid the indignity of getting swept. I wasn’t that upset (they had a lot of injuries after all), just resigned to the inevitable…

And then they won game 5…

And game 6….

And finally, tonight, down 3-0 in the game, they won. They came back. All the way back. For only the 4th time in the history of professional sports. I think I need to stay that again. For only the 4th fucking time in the history of professional fucking sports, our Flyers, our beaten up, mediocre throughout the regular season, playing with their 4th string goalie Flyers, won. Gange scores with 7:08 left, and the totally unexpected happens. It was possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. And I think there might finally be a Flyers team that can compete with my beloved 97 bunch for my heart. I mean, it’s tough to say, it’s hard to blindly love sports figures when you’re 26 the same way as when you’re 13, but…

I dunno. My totally blah Friday has totally been rescued, and Sunday, we host game 1. Seriously, has that even happened before, a 7 seed hosting a series??

Regardless, only one word can properly describe the events that transpired in Boston tonight- awesome!! Or as they would say in Boston- wicked awesome!!!


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