My quest for the Phanatic is not a backup plan

My life is sometimes a comedy of errors….

I am on a quest to find all of the Phanatics in the Phanatic around town promotion, but as part of some crazy rule I made for myself I refuse to look up the list online and follow that. Anyway, there are 20 around town, and I’ve found five so far. I had heard that there was one at the Art Museum, and since that isn’t far from where I work, I decided to do a little field trip on my lunch break today. So, it’s a beautiful day, and I schlep up there, only to find- no Phanatic!! I even walked up the steps to see if it was up there, and I walked around Eakins Oval. Now, granted, I didn’t walk around to the back of the building because I had limited time to work with.. but I still feel jipped. Though I do adore walking along the Parkway, that part of town is just gorgeous. And, I could use the exercise, I got a free bag of cookies out of the vending machine today, so I of course ate them. Plus the bag I paid for…

I am now the major of Family Court, Olney Terminal, and Race/Vine Station!!!

Anyway. Tonight I went to the movies, and I must preface this by saying- I actually did enjoy watching this movie. It was trite and predictable, and parts of it were thoroughly absurd, but it wasn’t a bad way to spend a couple hours, it was perfectly watchable. Now on with the mocking.

Everyone knows how predictable romantic comedies are. You know it going in. Occasionally one will do something interesting, but they follow a pattern. Boy and girl meet cute. They bicker, they fall in love at warp speed, the break up for some oftentimes tenuous and contrived reason, only for a big dramatic reunion at the end. In the rain. Or on the beach. Now, every movie doesn’t do every one of these things, and some do some of them and manage to be quite good anyway. But still. It’s like everyone is rewriting the same script over and over again.

The movie I saw tonight, The Breakup, followed this formula to a tee, with the added complication of Jennifer Lopez having been impregnated with donor sperm on the very day they met. He pursues her to almost stalker levels (but remember, it’s not stalking if you’re attractive, and he was attractive). Anyway, they go on about three dates, and by this point of course they are madly in love. At this point she reveals she’s pregnant. And they go back and forth, but in a decision that is BEYOND imaginable, he stays with her. As she’s hormonal, and puking, and pregnant with these kids that aren’t even his, and even though he barely knows the woman, he stays. Then, she breaks up with him for some bitchy contrived reason, and then she sees the light..and blah blah blah. At least it wasn’t in the rain, though her water had broke…so that’s kinda like rain right??

Anyway, the lines at the end up this movie were wholly unoriginal. And, I admit, for all my cynicism, I like all the romantic bullshit. I adore Bridget’s Jones Diary. It doesn’t feel trite, it doesn’t feel hackneyed, and tho in reality no one loves anyone just the way they are, I kinda wish they did. The people there acted believable. It’s just hard to believe someone would take on the responsibility of raising twins in New York that aren’t theirs with some woman they just met. Even if they hung wouldn’t be like that. So, this movie didn’t get to me, the way some other movies in this genre do, though it tried. And for that it gets credit.


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