crazy bitch

 You’re a crazy bitch but you fuck so good

There are certain songs that I just inherently hate. The mere sound of
them may drive me into a near homicidal rage. Ok, not really, I’m
small, and klutzy, my homicidal rage would be pretty ineffectual.
Sometimes the song is offensive, or irritating, or just plain vapid.
Or, in the case of the above cited example, all fucking three. God, I
hate that song, I want to go back in time and kill buckcherry to stop
him from coming out with that obnoxious shit. Now, the reasons to hate
“Crazy bitch” are so obvious I don’t think I need to list them out. I
mean, the tune, the lyrics, the fact that she fucks so good that he’s
on top of it. *shudder*.

It’s not always this obvious why I hate a song tho. For instance, I
will admit to liking some country music. Even tho to this day I still
have a “discourage inbreeding-ban country music” bumper sticker on my bedroom wall  that I bought back in the day before spencer’s turned into a creepy sex
shop. To be fair, I mainly bought it to annoy this roommate I had in
college, who hated me, was prissy and always matched, and who watched
blue’s clues without a hint of irony. It wasn’t out of nostalgia either
(watching dumb shit for nostalgia purposes is ALWAYS ok) since the show
came on when we were in high school. Maybe she just thought it was oh
so cute. Either that or she was just an idiot.

Anyway, I got rather off topic there. Country music. I didn’t really like it when I was 18, but then it ended up growing on me. A lot of it I do like now, but some of it just grates me. Maybe it’s just too redneck or something. Sometimes it’s just the tune of it, and sometimes I’m not sure why, but I just HATE the song. Toby Keith falls into this a lot.

In a totally different genre, falls the evil that is creed. I absolutely loathe creed. Even as I acknowledge I like other bands that sound kinda like creed. But, I loathe creed. Maybe it’s the fat that their lead singer is a burned out alcoholic with a Jesus complex. Maybe it’s the swarmy nature of their songs. Whatever it is, I HATE them.

And Miley Cyrus- but that’s another obvious one. God I hate Party in the USA, and it seems I can’t escape it. Thank God the auto-tuned ho is going to focus on her “acting career”.

I think I lost my way here…..


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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One Response to crazy bitch

  1. rick says:

    I can really relate to your ditaste for the cow chip counting lot of sunburn rednecks that spill their missery onto the the tracks and airways to assult our ears. To also be fair rap music is an insult that has been accepted as a norm to say that I am less than a human being and i want to be treated any kind of way. If I had to choose between the two evil sadly I have to put on my waders and dust off my abacus and join that posie in the pasture to tally my lot.

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