news based rant

I shouldn’t watch the news…

I was watching one station, and they were talking about the whole illegal immigration thing, and I am not getting into my opinions on that here, except for one small pet peeve. They kept talking about the economics behind it, how there are all these jobs that we need to bring people into fill. And, I’m sitting there eating dinner, and I just keep screaming- 10% unemployment, 10% unemployment!! How the hell do we need to bring in people to do jobs when we have such high unemployment. That’s bullshit, employers just want to skirt on taxes and not pay a living wage. We don’t need to immigrate in heap labor when there are people camping out outside to apply for one fucking job!! I felt like I was living in some sort of fucking warp zone watching this shit.

So, I change the channel hoping for relief. And I see fucking Rhielle “I was such a whore in the 80’s I had to change my name, and I’m totally unrepentant for fucking a married man while his wife has fucking cancer!” Hunter. Ho!! I am so sick of ho’s getting paid. It’s like that stupid bitch who was fucking Jesse James expecting to get paid, and all those stupid ho’s who were fucking Tiger Woods expect apologies and payment. Fucking tricks!! I’m sick of it!! I needed to again switch the channel.

So I switched to the Phillies game…yeah, that’s not making shit better either. Sigh. Go Flyers tomorrow!!!


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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