I live to overshare

I overshare. Not in my daily life so much. Hell, plenty of people I see everyday know almost nothing about me. But..then I have this blog. This blog, viewable by people who I would never confide in the way I do this blog.

I understand the drawbacks of this. That I should put my best foot forward, not let everyone know my angst and lack of self-confidence. I know I probably should keep all this stuff to myself.

But, I don’t. Maybe I’m hoping that someone will look into my soul and like what they see there. See the flaws, and love me anyway. Even if I don’t always love myself. So, I overshare. I let people see more of me than I should. Because, hell, they’d figure out I don’t have it all together pretty quickly anyway right?? Why waste their time.

And it’s not even that it’s that well thought out. Mostly, mostly it’s just that I’m hoping someone reads this, and knows where I’m coming from. That there is some kindred soul out there who is just as fucked as me. And, if hardly anyone could read it, I couldn’t find that out. And it leaves me vulnerable, and I know that’s bad..but. I can’t seem to stop myself. Because, maybe today is the day someone finally understands me. Finally gets me. Where I finally let someone in and they don’t run away screaming.

Or maybe I’m just a raging narcissist….


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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