I was talking to one of my very good friends the other day, about
asshole guys, and why I don’t like them. She said dating guys like
that (aggressive and opinionated) is a good thing, because it can teach
you to be more like that, and implied that the problem is I just want
the path of least resistance. And yeah, I didn’t take AP classes in
school, but fuck if that would have mattered, my total lack of
direction still would’ve did me in.

Anyway, it’s not that some aggression isn’t good, I like being pinned
against the wall sometimes, but I don’t want a guy who will interrupt
me when I try to talk, and push around their asinine opinions, or use
my insecurities to win an argument. That isn’t any fun, and isn’t
attractive, and it makes me feel run over, or alternately bitchy, and
either way I don’t like myself. I want someone who I can be myself
around, who I can have fun, and be comfortable with, and who I
actually like as a person. I want someone who will want me for the
flawed, insecure, refuses to wear makeup, foul mouthed, but funny,
smart, and sometimes pretty awesome person that I am. And if I’m
defensive, and arguing, and struggling to be heard because some
asshole is trying to run over me, then I’m not that person. I’m
defensive, insecure, shrill, and bitchy. And if not wanting to be that
way means I’m a slacker who takes the path of least resistance, then
fine, I am. I’d rather be happy then under pressure all the time, and
if a guy, or anyone else has a problem with that, well, I say fuck
them. Life is too short to waste it on people who make me feel bad
about myself, I’m already related to those people, I don’t need to
date them too.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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