The wave indoors is just wrong

Drunken Phillies fans make everything better. They make Phillies games better, subway rides better, the Nationals stadium better, and last, and honestly, probably least, Sixers games better. Monday night I, through my awesome SWAG gathering abilities, headed down to the Sixers game for fan appreciation night due to gaining two free tickets, when they were also offering five dollar tickets to anyone with a Phillies ticket stub from earlier in the day.

The Sixers are awful. Everyone knows this. They were leading for almost the whole game, until at some point in the 4th quarter when they managed to lose the lead while neither I, nor my friend I came with, was paying close attention. At a certain point it became less painful to just watch the dancers, which is saying something, because scantily clad women don’t so much do it for me, and besides we were in heavy nosebleed territory, and, besides that, well..that leads backward to the halftime show.

Apparently the Sixers, in addition to having a terribly creepy maniacal bunny for a mascot, have a ridiculously elaborate farm system of dancers. First, we have the mini-dancers, adorable little seven years olds, who were quite cute, if somewhat disturbing sine some of the dance moves they were doing were WAY too advanced. Then, we have the junior dancers, then the pre-pro dancers..I’ll be happy to never see another choreographed dance routine in my life (at least until I get around to watching the Spring premiere of Glee on Hulu).

Anyway, the game was actually crowded, which makes things way more fun, even if the crowds of people there thought it was ok to do the wave indoors. It isn’t. It’s an unspoken evil that will summon Satan if done too many times. Now, there are those that would argue the wave is never acceptable, and to them I say- lighten up. The wave is fine during a slow point outdoors, but indoors…indoors it’s just….wrong.

Anyway, I had great fun at the game, even though they lost last second, even though I paid 4.50 for a water ice (which wasn’t that bad a price actually, the thing was huge), it was still great fun.

Even if we did get a little lost in the tunnels afterward…..


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