uncalled for bitchiness

I haven’t had an especially good day today. Of course, I haven’t had a particularly bad day today either, but yet I am a raging bitch. The minor infractions that have me raging this beautiful Sunday:

1. My dying Zune: My crappy little shit brown zune is nearly dead. It keeps randomly shutting off mid-song, and I doubt it has much longer for this world. I’m trying to charge it to see if that helps, but I think I’m going to have to start shopping for a new portable music player. Which sucks, because I only paid $70 for the zune new two and a half years ago, it will likely cost more than that to replace it.

2. The Flyers are losing. If they lose today- they don’t make the playoffs. If you don’t follow hockey, you may not comprehend how shockingly bad you have to be to not make the playoffs. Literally more than half the league makes it to the playoffs- and all the Flyers needed to do was freaking not lose in regulation this weekend and they’d be in. Fucking tragic.

3. AT&T- is sucking. All the time now. Maybe it’s because I’m on the crappy EDGE network, maybe something’s up with my antenna, I don’t know, but it seems I get crappy reception like all the time anymore, even in places where I’ve never previously had reception issues.

4. My unending tummy problems, I again do not feel great today. Part tummy stuff, part not sleeping enough, part- I’m really not sure, but that sure didn’t start my day off on the right foot.

Yeah, that’s not that bad a list. Even factoring in an unbearably dull weekend, things aren’t that bad. I even have things to be happy about today:

1. Sixers game tomorrow! Yeah, they are dreadful, but sporting events are fun, my friends are fun, and the tickets were totally free (I am the queen of swag)

2. Phillies game Sunday- my first, and possibly only (damn bandwagon jumpers buying up all the seats) game of 2010. Not only is it an always fun Sunday game- it is the Phanatic’s birthday, and everyone knows my childlike love of the Phillie Phanatic. Hell, I’m determined to find every Phanatic in town (without cheating and finding out where they are ahead of time). So, I’m really really looking forward to that.

3. The weather is painfully beautiful, and it appears that it will remain so for awhile.

So, things really aren’t that bad. Yeah, today is kinda blah, but I have things to look forward to. But yet- cranky, though I admit, even as I’ve written this blog, and watched the Phillies win, and just chilled out, I’ve felt better. So…maybe I’ll be less of a raging bitch tonight, or at least tomorrow.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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