Everybody come and play- throw every last care away…

Had a highly unsuccessful day at the mall today. Yes, that’s how empty my life is- I’m blogging about the damn mall, as i I were a teenager and it was 1986. Anyway…went to the Montgomery Mall today, exchanged a Phillies jacket at Dick’s (the previous one was too small), was bored out my skull in jewelery stores (long story) then made the mistake of going into Delia’s. Where I saw a red Phillies shirt with the Phanatic on it that I entirely fell in love with. But, it was thirty dollars. For a Goddamn t-shirt. They were buy one get one half off, but still…that’s like twenty bucks a t-shirt, just unreasonable. Then went into Forever 21, where I never shop, and saw some shorts I like- except they were size 28. No, I’m not that fat, they just do some fucked up thing with their sizes where they add 20 to them..no idea why, but apparently a size 28 is equivalent to a size 8. Which I normally wear, but apparently my waist is expanding, sine I couldn’t git the 28, or the 29. This was a mall trip that was NOT good for my self-esteem, though I did get a cute tank top. And, since I just wasted everyone’s time rambling about a damn mall…I give you the best mall related thing ever…


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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