I tell ya, I blame Steve Jobs

My mood jumps around really erratically when I’m sleep deprived. I woke up uneasy this morning. Uneasy, and sleepy, and vulnerable for reasons I cannot speak of. I may have kept a friend up till 4am. When I had to be up at 8. It wasn’t intentional, I promise, it’s the iPhone, I tell ya, I blame Steve Jobs. I also blame Steve Jobs for all these irritating iPad stories logging of my Google reader, and for….I dunno, apple fan-boys who likely dream of fellating him. Uh oh uh oh, the filters be down, that’s not a good sign. Neither is my inappropriate use of the word be, I totally don’t talk like that. Like…totally…dude. Yeah, I don’t talk like that either. And I love cracked.com. I really need a new keyboard. I love the new battery on my iPhone tho, yay milliamp.com!!!  Go Phillies!! Lack of sleep makes me loopy, if you haven’t noticed. But, loopy is better than sad, so I will totally take it.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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