Dear Angry Black Man on Subway

> Dear angry black man on subway,
> Though I concede that you may have some legitimate gripes with the
> Philadelphia police department and the DA’s office, your assertion
> that the entirety of the criminal justice establishment is out to get
> black people is just, well, fucking stupid.
> The city spends a billion dollars on law enforcement and you have a
> problem with this. Well, I have a really simple solution for you- if
> you want the city to spend less on fighting crime- COMMIT LESS FUCKING
> CRIME!!!
> Do you need that spelled out in more detail?? How bout this, you
> should stop…
> Killing each other
> Dealing drugs
> Castigating anyone who speaks proper English and does well in school
> as “acting white”
> Looking up to felons as role models
> Making excuses and blaming “the man”
> Having children you can’t/won’t take care of
> Calling yourself “African”. He didn’t even call black people African-
> American, just African. Unless you or a first degree relative came
> over from Africa, you’re not African, you’re American, fucking deal
> with it. The country has fucked you- try to fix it, but you can never
> fix it if you don’t consider yourself a member of it- I don’t think
> Martin Luther king thought of himself as an African- he was an
> American, and simply wanted to be treated as one. If the country is
> really so evil you entirely disavow it, then maybe you should move to
> Africa and see how long you really last there.
> What you should do…
> Pull up your pants, tie up your shoes, and read a fucking book so you
> can speak proper fucking English
> Take care of your children so they don’t torment the city with fucking
> flash mobs after school
> Snitch on criminals who make our city the way it is instead of seeing
> the police as the enemy- those criminals would rob from you as soon as
> look at you
> Look in the mirror- I’m not saying society isn’t flawed, but if most
> of the crimes are committed by black people…well, maybe you gotta
> look at yourself and not at the criminal system.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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2 Responses to Dear Angry Black Man on Subway

  1. A city resident says:

    BRAVO!! You tell it like it is! What makes your blog even more substantial, is the fact that a part of your ancestry is from Africa as well, but you have a LOT more common sense and wisdom than the loser guy on the subway…that should get the point across good and hard! Keep up the assertiveness…soon you’ll be on my (as I affectionately call it) “asshole hero” list with Asshole Karl H, Joe Biden, GW, Keith’s friend Hannah M, and many other people that I really do look up to because I respect their assertiveness and ability to say what they feel. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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