I think we’re missing the point here..

I was online earlier today, and somehow, and entirely by accident since it’s the type of story I generally could care less about, I ended up on this story on the New York Times, all about some controversy over some play in New York that some critic says is racist because Christopher Walken’s character says the…and here is where some unnecessary censorship comes in….”n word”.  Now, beyond making me almost want to hop a train to New York just to see Christopher Walken in all his awesome creepy glory screech out the “n word” for two hours. That sounds kinda fabulous to me.

Anyway, I don’t know or care if the play is racist, but, it points to something else. I’d be pissed if someone called me a…fuck this censorship, and feel free to close your virgin eyes- nigger. I’d be mortified, upset, in tears. I’m upset if people use the word to describe other black people. Hell, I don’t even like when black people use it to describe each other. It’s hurtful, and it’s wrong. But, if someone is just referencing the word in a story, why can’t they spell it out?? If it’s necessary to get the point across, if it’s referencing someone else saying it. This isn’t someone using it as a slur, it’s just someone using it because it’s necessary to explain what already happened. Or, if a white person is singing along with a rap song or something, that person isn’t being racist…it’s unfair and stupid to treat them as if they are. It’s just sheltering people needlessly- if someone says “all you n words are the same”, that doesn’t mean they are less racist then if they actually used the word. It’s just fucking coddling people.

It reminds me of this one time I was watching this mafia movie on USA, and they turned all the fucks to frogs. Which didn’t make a lick of sense, for one, but also points to some serious out of whack priorities. The whole movie (I think it was casino or Goodfellas, or something), was about violence and murder, and crime, and generally antisocial behavior, the f-bombs are really the least of it. Is someone really okay with their kid seeing someone get buried in the desert- but not when them hearing the word fuck?? It’s completely absurd, it entirely misses the point. Why is someone willing to sponsor violence and murder, but not a damn curse word??

It’s the same with the…n word. I don’t use the word, I don’t like the word, but…we’re kinda missing the point here. Just because someone doesn’t use the word, doesn’t mean they don’t still think all black people are niggers, to put it bluntly. Prettying things up doesn’t change the underlying issue, and someone using the word nigger because the are describing a play where a character uses it, is not the problem. Someone who is racist, but never even utters the word publicly, is.


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