Zombieland> SEPTA

Rule number 1- Zombieland is an awesome fucking movie. I finally saw it tonight, and I absolutely adored it. It was gory, it was funny, it had a decent message, and it was throughly enjoyable to watch. Highly recommend!!

Definitely the bright spot of this otherwise rainy and uneventful day. A day that consisted of Septa’s plans to raise rates and screw us all, just so that bus drivers can get paid more than teachers. The actual rate increases aren’t all THAT painful, but the things they are doing to the regional rails will end up costing people (myself included) notably more money. For instance:

Getting rid of midday off-peak hours, in favor of “nights and weekends”. Bullshit if I say so myself, and leads to a substantial price increase if you are someone who frequently reverse commutes, or takes the train in the middle of the day. In addition currently if you have a city transpass, it is good within city limits on the regional rail during off-peak hours. No more, now it’s only of any use on the rail outside enter city on weekends and holidays (which I also imagine cancels out any discount).

This plus the price increases for tokens and transpasses, and transfers. All so that fucking SEPTA employees an have almost free health insurance and be woefully overpaid.. It’s not coincidental that every time SEPTA gets a raise pries go up- they gotta pay for it someway, and what’s more, we pay twice, both with our tax dollars and with our fares. Bastards!!!

There was something else bad today too (besides the unending rain), but for the life of me, I cannot remember..and, I just accidentally quoted a song there…whoops.

Down with SEPTA!!!!


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