the birth of flowers and the death of malls

I have two fully written blogs, and I doubt I’ll ever post either one of them. One I cannot post for political reasons (I will be totally savaged, and possibly threatened if I post it publicly), and the second, well, the second is whiny even for me, and doesn’t exactly tread on new ground, so I’ll only post it if I get depressed enough.  So, instead follows tons of random…

Saturday I woke my groggy ass out of bed (I really should start drinking coffee), and headed to the flower show for the second year in a row. I got distracted as I got off the subway, seeing the seal for Strawbridge’s, and it made me sad, since it is now just an empty shell. So many malls are filled with empty shells because of closed down department stores. I was at Montgomery Mall today, and the Strawbridge’s is still empty (the mall already had a Macy’s). The lower two levels in the Willow Grove Mall are also empty from Strawbridge’s, and the Value city in the mall near me is yet to be filled. It leads to these sad, boarded up malls, I’m not a huge fan of malls, but it’s still rather depressing. End of an era as they say. Now, instead of department stores- there is Walmart. And, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Walmart, but…you look at Strawbridge’s, and the place was fucking classy.. Nice architecture, nice to look at. Walmarts are just these big boxes that almost always look kinda dirty. It’s just not the same.

Anyway, the flower show was overly crowded with people who were not moving their asses, but it was nicely done. Flowers are not so much my thing, but I can appreciate things that are pretty. On the way home there was massive SEPTA failure as a not-full 55 bus just plain blew past me, causing me to walk way out of my way to the train station, and causing me to be exhausted as fuck when I got home.

My iPhone battery is dying, by the by. And, I managed to, with one of my friends, kill a freaking gallon of ice cream on Thursday night. I should be ashamed- but instead I am proud. Also, the President spoke at my alma mater. And, it speaks to my level of disaffection with my former college, but I don’t even really care.


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