I watch too much TV

As a child I watched way too much TV. I was uncoordinated and unpopular, so even tho I played outside, and jumped rope, and managed somehow to get balls stuck on rooftops, the vast majority of my childhood was spent in the calming glow of the television. So, I gave my Barbie dolls soap opera style plotlines, and watched tons of Nick at Nite, and nickelodeon, and all the random cartoons and sitcoms that ruled the world when I was a child.

I think this seriously damaged my outlook. I’ve at times thought of events in my life as episodes in a TV show. And random, snarky commentary on all the things that makes TV shows great (or awful) can keep me up until the wee hours of the morning. Which explains my latest online addiction, a site called tvtropes.org. The site consists of various tropes, cliche’s, etc, that populate tv shows, movies, and books.

And it got me thinking…what tropes inform my life? I’m out of high school, so there isn’t thelibby (popular blond who rules the school). Is anyone a buttmonkey?? If there was a five man band- what part would I play?? (I’d link to all these things- but I’m too lazy so you’ll have to search them at the site if you really care).

I’m on record as saying that life is basically just a collection of stories- a collection of events, both bad and good, that make us who we are.  Since tropes are basically just storytelling devices, it would make sense that in the story of my life- I’d use them. To make sense of things, to make since of life. At least my life. But maybe I just watch too much TV.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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