How not to climb the watchtower

Friday night I went to the kinda skanky bar out in Delaware county. The place didn’t serve food, was overly dark, and had big posters everywhere advertising that Snookie from damn Jersey Shore was going to be there on Fat Tuesday. I did not love this place, it seemed like an ideal place for massive amounts of douchery.

So, I updated my facebook status, and chatted with a couple friends, and tried to prevent my cutsey little boots from getting terminally sticky. At some point during the night the DJ played that damn Party in the USA song, and that combined with the rest of the night gave me a blog idea- “things that make me want to limb the watchtower”. I had some decent ideas at the time, and in my head I had ways of phrasing it that seemed clever. But..then the night continued, and I think I ran into an ex-boyfriend and blew him off because I didn’t recognize him, and a random drunk insisted I sing along to Journey (who I loathe), but I forgave him because he said I had beautiful hair, and I love random compliments, even if from drunks I will never ever see again.

Anyway, by the time the night was over, I was tired and couldn’t finish the list. I knew Miley cryus would be on top, and I had a vague idea about something relating to Jackass the Movie and Manswers (at least partly inspired by a discussion I had with a friend about an especially stupid Manswers I had been forced to watch the previous night- containing such exciting topics as how to piss less while drinking (by forcibly dehydrating yourself), and which animal feels most like a woman). I joked to my friend that Manswers, which didn’t used to be that bad, had become a guide to douchery. Seriously- the whole episode was how to be a douche in 10 easy steps. Tho, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this is Spike TV (tho I don’t care what anyone says- the show that shows the Japanese game shows is awesome).

So, yesterday I still had it in my head to try to write this blog, but it just wasn’t happening, and eventually I just gave up and played The Sims 2. And Surviving High School, I am entirely addicted to Surviving High School. It’s the dumbest little app, and I cannot stop playing it. Today I gave it another go, but even as I populated the list, it felt forced, and uninteresting, and entirely unoriginal. Once I have to say that I don’t like murderers, it’s time to scrap the blog and try something else. And, well, this is that something else. Hope it came out better  than the list.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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