iPad- I mock you

When it comes to apple products, I don’t generally have strong across
the board opinions. I try to stay out of the violent pc/mac debates
that occur online between people who truly need to get a life. But
then the damn iPad came out.

To be fair, I’ve never really considered buying a mac computer. I
appreciate the shininess of them all, and sometimes I’m distracted by
the bright beauty of an apple store, but $1000 for a computer with 3
gigs of ram never really added up to me. And a couple years ago when
it came time to replace my crappy iPod shuffle, I bought a zune. A 1st
generation shit brown zune. With software that insists that 40oz to
freedom is a Selkow CD, and that frequently crashes when I try to sync
it. But, it was $70 for a brand new 30gig player, and it had a radio
so I could listen to my beloved Preston and Steve when I went into
work. That said, If I ever had to replace it, there’s a decent chance
I might get an iPod, I just don’t have strong opinions on the subject.

But then the iPhone came out, and I was in love. When I saw others
with one I drooled, and cnn’s magic map filled me with much envy (the
magic map after all is really just a giant iPhone). And, when I
finally got one, my love did not lessen. I played with it constantly,
much to the chagrin of friends and family, and even after having two
stolen in one summer I scoured the Internet for another one- once you
go iPhone you never go back. Hell, as I type up this entry- I use my
iPhone to do it. But, despite the iPhone love, I did not become an
apple-head, worshiping at the alter of Steve Jobs. Days like today
clearly explain why.

Oh apple, where to start?? The dreadful name?? At last check, iTampon
is actually trending higher than iPad, epic fail for a company whose
slick marketing is rated above all else. How bout the fact that it’s
really just a giant iPhone?!?! Why the hell do I want or need a 10
inch iPhone? It doesn’t do flash, it doesn’t multitask, and it will
likely be the same walled garden the iPhone is. It’s just pretty- that
is fucking all.

It also looks just ripe for destruction, who here doesn’t know someone
whose iPhone has been totally destroyed by droppage?? And this is
bigger and unwieldy, you’d need to carry around a separate bag or
sleeve. It’s just fucking stupid. I mean- $500 for 16gigs of memory
isn’t that unreasonable when you look at what an unsubsidized iPhone
costs, but I paid $300 for my fully functioned laptop. Which
incidentally is an underpowered vista running piece of crap, but I love
it, and at least I can do multiple things at once, and view fucking

Seriously, apart from apple cult members who do anything daddy Jobs
tells them to do, who the hell would buy this??


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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2 Responses to iPad- I mock you

  1. OB says:

    Non-geeks will probably be the one who buy the iPad….. btw, P&S rock!

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