A not at all comprehensive list…

Things that make me happy(a not at all comprehensive list):

Free money
Good music
Kevin smith movies
Anything that reminds me of the last out in the 2008 world series
Cowboys fans suffering
The log flume at the wildwood boardwalk
Rollercoasters (especially wooden ones)
Off color jokes
The 97 flyers
The day someday in the future when Andy Reid gets fired
Cute eye candy
Cookies and cream ice cream
Giant chocolate chip cookies
Old bay fries
Citizens bank park
That rapist getting beat up in Kensington
The view of the art museum from the other end of the parkway
The Philly skyline at night
My friends (mostly)
Christmas lights
The Wanamaker light show
Historical placards
Baby monkeys at the zoo
Allen Iverson’s practice speech
Random (genuine) compliments
Hugs (not from strange people)
Going to concerts
When drunken assholes fall down
Explosions (not real ones)
Dexter (not the season finale)
Harry Kalas home run calls (tear)
Getting things on sale
Making people laugh (not at my expense)
Aimless wandering
How I met your mother
Wikipedia (not for academic work dumbasses)


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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