2009 year in review

Let’s everyone face it- this past year has sucked. The world seems to
be becoming more and more dysfunctional. There’s war, and dictators,
and natural disasters. The economy fucking imploded, everyone is in
debt, and it seems everyday brings another reason to not want to get
out of bed in the morning.

Everyone around me has, it seems, encountered one disaster after
another, which I am universally unable to fix. I got stolen from, and
mugged, and rejected (tho that last one is hardly unique to this
year). It seems like the whole world is continuously spiraling out of
control. And I hate getting older and seeming getting nowhere, so I’m
generally bummed about the passing of time- but fuck this year.

On the rather minimal bright side, I did meet and get to know some
cool people this year, I’ve held onto my job (sans any raise),
and….I have not been diagnosed with any deadly diseases?? Ok, that’s
it, when the only positives I can come up with in my life are really
just the absence of negatives, it’s been a poor year.

Maybe sports will provide some sunny optimism?? Hmm, well the phillies
had another world series run. Would’ve been nice to beat the damn
Yankees, but it was still great fun and I truly cannot complain about
the franchise.  The eagles… managed to lose to fucking Arizona in
the playoffs last year, got rid of Brian Dawkins, fired an employee
for being upset about said firing(apparently EVERYONE does not deserve
second chances), and then signed Michael Vick, sucking any joy out of
what would otherwise be a fine year. The flyers playoff run was so
short last year that I can’t even remember it, and they started with
promise this year but last I checked were still in last place. And the
sixers are ten games under .500 less than two months in, tho the AI
return was really cool for about a day.

Ok, three out of four sports teams either suck or have alienated me as
a fan, so much for sports providing the reprieve from this dark dark

Well, fuck it, I’m stumped. It’s official-2009 fucking blew. So
goodbye 2009, don’t let the door hit you in the keister on the way
out. God help us all if 2010 isn’t a whole lot fucking better.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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One Response to 2009 year in review

  1. michael stockton says:

    The best news from 2009 was that George Bush finally went away.
    The Browns and the Indians both totally sucked and the Cavs lost.
    2010 will be a year of starting over or giving up.

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