mall story

I must admit, I have some residual fondness for the Willow Grove Mall. I grew up going there. I an remember when they used to have a Pathmark in the parking lot where the…Kmart? circuit city? used to be. I remember when they built the carousel, and I remember when I went on a date with a guy where we considered riding it. I remember catching the bus up there when I was in college, and going there when I was a kid and occasionally running into kids from school I hated. I remember the banners and carousel horses hung from the roof, and fountain on the first floor. I remember going to dinner on the 3rd floor of Strawbridges.

Point is (and I acknowledge I took quite awhile getting there), I don’t have an overwhelming hatred for that mall, even if I don’t shop there all that often. That said, as I wandered the mall today, I couldn’t help but thinking how much cooler it would be if the amusement park were still there. It’s honestly rather hard to imagine. Rollercoasters twenty minutes from my house. A Tilt a Whirl where the Gap is, etc. A trolley stop where the Olive Garden is.

So, I got a cookie from the Nestle Toll House Store, a free hoagie sample in the food court, wondered why Spencer’s had to turn into a sex store. And everytime I see Bloomingdale’s I remember that I forgot the store still existed. And I wonder what the hell a pet bakery is. And go to the Border’s that is going out of business, and curse the Atm’s for hanging banks.

And it’s fine, and it’s good…but wouldn’t a roller coaster…even a lame, kiddy roller coaster…be an upgrade?? Wouldn’t John Phillip Sousa playing be kinda awesome. Way better than damn Ambercrombie and Fitch.


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