winter sports blues

This morning Michael Vick was on the cover of the Metro. I felt tempted to burn it in effigy. I turned on the game for a brief instance yesterday, and it happened to be just as Vick scored a touchdown. I got upset and switched the channel.

Vick had ruined the Eagles for me. I see his number 7 in Eagles green, and it just makes me sad. It’s not even a political protest at this point, I literally cannot enjoy the games when I see him in it, when I hear him cheered. It makes me physically ill. He’s a BAD person, he doesn’t deserve redemption. I want my team back, I miss loving my team. It feels unnatural for me to route against someone wearing Eagles green, but everytime he carries the ball I wish for an injury and a fumble. I can’t enjoy their victories anymore.

And…what the hell happened to the Flyers?? I turned my back for a couple weeks, and suddenly they are in last place and have a new coach. What the hell- I thought they were supposed to be good this year???

And..well, Iverson will definitely make the Sixers more interesting, and provide with some much needed flashbacks to high school back when the Sixers were relevant- but who are we kidding here?? They are a dreadful fucking team, and a 34 year old Iverson won’t fix that, he’ll just make the losses less depressing.

I’m depressed now- how many days till pitchers and catchers???


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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