like a bad ex-boyfriend

The Eagles just beat the Redskins. And to say I feel apathetic about it would probably be overstating my feelings. I started watching the game at the beginning, and I didn’t really are all that much when the Eagles failed on the onside kick. Like, I intellectually groaned and thought “Andy Reid is an idiot”, but that’s about it. Then when Michael Vick came in the game I just got pissed off. All I could think was that I really couldn’t wish for this loser to succeed. And he didn’t.

As much pain as the Eagles have caused me throughout my life, I kinda miss caring about them. They are like a bad ex-boyfriend. They may have frustrated the hell out of you, and been vaguely abusive, but you’ve gotten used to having them around. So, part of you wants to go and try to fix them, and part of you is sad when you look at them and feel nothing of the passion you one felt.

That’s me and the Eagles. I LOVE football, but the Eagles have just broken me. I can’t stand to see Andy Reid’s fat head on the sidelines, and Michael Vick in that damn number 7 jersey. But, that’s not even accurate. The Michael Vick thing still makes me angry, but I see Andy Reid, and I just feel nothing. He’s a terrible coach, who will never be forgiven in my eyes for that damn Saints game when he punted the game away. And, I can have a conversation about everything wrong with him. But…nothing. And, feeling nothing, well, that just makes me feel, well, sad.


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