Big balloons

I must admit a rather scandalous secret- I’ve never much liked parades. In fact, in 10th grade I wrote an entire paper for English class about how much I hate the Mummers. I know, I know, that’s an offense that could have me kicked out of town (that and the fact that I don’t eat cheesecakes), but hey, feathered dudes roaming the town was never exactly my thing.

But, lately, lately parades have kinda grown on me. I’ve still never gone to a mummers parade, but over the last year or so I’ve been to three parades. First the Phillies victory parade last year- which was awesome, if overly crowded and hindered by the fat that I went back to work later that day. The St. Patty’s Day parade was also a really good time, even if my friend didn’t bring booze, and I had on an entirely hideous green Phillies hat. And, the third parade, well, that was just yesterday- the Thanksgiving Day Parade (sponsored by Boscov’s!!).

I actually don’t think it was in fact sponsored by them this year, but in most years it has been so it’s stuck in my head. Just like May’s in town is still Wanamaker’s, certain things just don’t change in my mind, even if the reality of them has.

Anyway, this was my first Thanksgiving parade, and it was fun. Apparently shorter than previous years- but still a good time. There were Muppets there, and Goofy, and the Phanatic!! And, yes, sometimes I really am still a small child. But hey, maybe that’s the point of these things. Because for all of it’s flaws, there’s something to be said for childhood. For big balloons, and dancing batons. And standing outdoors and getting excited because Cookie Monster is passing by.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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