Larry Brown throws a shoe….

Remember Allen Iverson?? Remember Pat Croce on the top of the Wachovia center?? Remember 2001, when people actually gave a shit about the NBA in this town.

Yeah, I don’t either. Wednesday night I, further cementing my title as the queen of swag, had managed to score free upper deck tickets to the Sixers- Bobcats game last night.Go me!

Things at the enter started fitfully. Parking was a whopping fifteen dollars, though we did get an absurdly lose parking spot. We found our way to our seats- which were in the upper deck, but really not bad at all considering they were free. Though the floors were sticky. Like, dirty movie theater sticky. They clearly hadn’t bothered to lean them all season. And the concessions were out of hand- even by sporting event concessions standards.

But, the biggest problem with the game was the overwhelming apathy. The building was empty, and the dancers didn’t even dance anymore, and the loudest cheers in what was a down-to-the-wire game, was the booing of the guy who missed the half-court shot.

And, it wasn’t just the fans either, hell, there were small packet of fans who were really trying, including a big black guy who could dance his ass off.

It was also the dancers never actually dancing. And hip hop just being weird and lame (though that probably isn’t new). And, they won on a last second shot, and the only reason I remember who shot it was because it was Loooooou Williams, notable for the fat that the announcer had a clear fetish for saying the guy’s name- even when he didn’t score.

But, the Sixers did win. And the company was good. And the tickets were free. So, I guess I can’t complain too much. It’s just, it’s sad you know?? Larry Brown was on the opposition sideline, chronically wigging out, and I missed that. I missed Allen Iverson getting into trouble. I missed people giving a shit, because on Wednesday night- people just didn’t. And part of me misses rants about practice and the crossover dribble.


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