Adventures in SEPTA

So, I had an errand to run after work today. So I rush to catch a 5:01  subway, to in theory catch a 5:15 bus. The subway is on time, but  somehow it got to olney late, I assume because the timetables are just  fucking wrong. Of course, that means I miss the 5:15. Annoying, but I  can catch the 5:30. But, it was late, like 10 min (even tho the  previous bus must’ve left early, and that’s the bus i wanted to be  late. I call that septa luck. Anyway, even tho there SHOULD be another  bus right behind it, this bus takes it’s sweet time loading, waiting  for people to exit the damn subway. Fuck that shit- slam the doors and  pull off I say.

I know, I know, that sounds harsh- but they do that shit to me all the time- and I had places to be!! SEPTA bus drivers never show ANY sense of urgency, unless it’s the end of their shift. Then they run red lights, menace pedestrians and other drivers, and generally behave in ways that disregard life, law, and common decency. Anyway, this was the slowest loading, and moving bus ever, it left the stop a full fifteen minutes late. And of course when I sat down on the bus, who was sitting behind me?? A damn crying baby. Well, more of a toddler then a baby- as evidenced by the mother’s reaction “Why you crying- nobody hit you!!!” Gotta love ghetto ass parenting.

This completely screwed my timing for the day. Especially since my bus back- was also fucking late!! Fucking ridiculous. My errand took less than a half hour, but yet from leaving work to getting home, it was almost three hours. And my errand was a twenty minute drive from my house. Fuck SEPTA


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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