Never eat at California Pizza Kitchen

So yesterday I finally, after months of toiling and searching, got another iPhone. Yay me!! I spent the week waiting for it, convinced something bad was going to happen. It still might, but I bought a case, and I’m going to be as careful as possible. And I’m just so happy to have it again.

Today I went to the Franklin Institute and it was fun, but afterward the search for food was oddly difficult. We wandered the city some, but couldn’t decide on a place. Eventually we allowed the GPS to guide us, and it led us astray. I wanted pasta, so we decided on a Macaroni Grill (the closest one being up in Plymouth Meeting).

Of course, once we drive up there we discovered that the Macaroni Grill was gone, and then we couldn’t find the Friday’s, and there’s no place else to eat up there, so we ended up at the damn California Pizza Kitchen. Note to everyone- never eat at the California Pizza Kitchen. My spaghetti with chicken entree cost 15 bucks and was a tiny little bowl. With no soup, or bread, or anything!!! I cannot handle that level of pretension from a place peddling fucking pizza. Plus, there were only six people there, but our food took forever! Seriously- don’t eat there!!

We seriously had to get dessert at Friendly’s later just to fill ourselves up- tragic, really. Though I did get to see more of Plymouth Meeting than I ever thought I would, and discover that I cannot lift my own weight, so the day was still mostly a win.


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One Response to Never eat at California Pizza Kitchen

  1. Steve says:

    I Agree with you 100%. Fuck CPK.

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