Surviving the SEPTA strike (barely)

Day 1:

I wake up on Tuesday, flipped open my laptop (with its ever fading battery life) and did a quick facebook/email check before I go off to work. When I check facebook one of the first status messages I see is one of my friends complaining about greedy SEPTA employees. A second status message states that SEPTA sucks. So, suddenly I’m thinking that even though they had claimed all weekend that a deal was close, and that the threat of a strike was averted, as I slept- something must have gone horribly horribly wrong. A quick Google search confirms my fears, and now I must scramble. It is election day, and even though I live in a one party city and the election was mostly meaningless, I felt obligated to vote, even though my polling place is in the clear opposite direction of the train. At the train station, I was able to trade in my city transpass for a zone 2 (a total rip, for the record, zone 2 stations in the city were covered, but because my station is literally across the street from the city line, I got screwed. It was only an extra ten bucks though. The rest of the morning commute went uneventfully, and I got to work about a half hour late.

The evening commute, now that was a different story. The evening commute, that was a little slice of hell. That was an hour line just to reach the platform, that was me not reaching my destination till after 8pm. The person waiting for me was waiting at the station for me for over an hour. That was lines snaking through the concourse in a giant hellball of humanity. Worst…commute…..ever.

Day 2:

For me…this day was uneventful. Trains were on time both going to and from work, though obviously those whose trains caught on fire were not so lucky. The boards are just CONVINCED that the union set that fire.

Day 3:

Things- quite literally- go off the rails again. Someone- unbeknowst to me- got hit by a train, completely fucking up all the trains running through my stop. Of course, when I arrived there I did not know this, and did not find out this for an hour. And, by that point I was committed to waiting it out- for what turned out to be two and a half hours. I certainly burned through my cell battery talking to people that morning. Didn’t get to work until 12:30- I was supposed to be there at 10. commute home was uneventful.

Day 4:

This day commute wise started off well. My friend needed to go into town too, so he picked me up and we drove to the station (a major upgrade from walking on a old day). Our train was marginally late, but otherwise things went off without a hitch. The evening commute was somewhat less stellar. Due to lines I had to catch a later train than I would have, and I was smushed my two old bittys on the train who were rushing me in a three person seat even though there were two person seats available.On the bright side, I got to be on a train platform at Suburban I had definitely never seen before.

Day 5:

The night before, due to a shitty confluence of events, I had gotten stranded at my friend’s apartment. It was only ten minutes away from where I live, and if they hadn’t been striking, the next morning I could have just aught the bus for a relatively short ride, and a not so bad walk. No luck, instead had to walk to the train station (which we got turned around going to), and my train was late. And then, I was so sleep deprived as I walked down the road from my train station, I was singing aloud with my mp3 player like a damn crazy person.

Now, word is the strike may be ending, because the greedy, overpaid and under-considerate bastards in the union may have finally come to their senses. There was talk of a 2pm press conference , but I have yet to hear anything. I do hope its over, even though the SEPTA union and they’re unreasonable demands can seriously kiss my ass.


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