A question of sex

This is a risky entry.

It is just downright dangerous for me to discuss sexual opinions publicly in such a way, and not just as a brief throwaway line, but as the whole plot-line of the entry. But what an I say? I need answers, opinions. I need to know if I’m the weird one here. So, here goes.

Here is my big, grand question. As an adult, is it a real relationship if there isn’t any sex?? Like, a real, committed relationship??

Let me specify some qualifiers here. Obviously, as my one friend pointed out to me earlier, if someone is physically unable to have sex, clearly they could be in a committed relationship without it. Or..if they are really religious and waiting for marriage. Which I totally respect. I will never ever date you, but I respect it.

But, two healthy, happy, not overly religious adults. an they truly have a relationship until they’ve knocked boots?? I dunno, maybe  I’m just a whore here (Note: Do not, under any circumstances, respond to this post calling me a whore. It is inaccurate, will not go over well, and will lead to me not only de-friending you, but also seeking a swift and harsh revenge).

Anyway, I just don’t see a  relationship I’m involved with as being serious unless I’ve had sex with the person yet. It’s like, I just can’t comprehend calling someone my boyfriend, if we haven’t reached that level of relationship yet. I may like the person, but, it’s not a real, exclusive, relationship until I’ve reached that level. Hell, I barely remember the guys I date who I never have sex with, except for back when I was still a  teenager. It just doesn’t really count yet. It’s hard for me to take a non-sexual, adult relationship seriously, even when it involves others (again, unless it falls under one of the above mentioned exemptions).

I mean, what if there’s no chemistry there?? And, more importantly, am I really not supposed to see anyone else if I’m not fully seeing you??

But, maybe I’m just some loose woman here (again, don’t you dare comment saying that). Maybe I’m just weird. Maybe my emotions are too loosely tied to sex, so I can’t fully fall for someone without it. I don’t know…but I need opinions.

What is an adult relationship without sex??


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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