My writing mojo

I clearly can’t write without an iPhone. After a friend pointed out that my blog used to be wittier (something that I myself have noticed), I went back and read entries. Pre-stolen iPhone entries. And…the blogs were much better. Now my blogs have no soul, unless it’s just maudlin whining. Wah wah, I suck, wah wah life sucks, etc.

I used to be funny, witty. I used to word things well. Now…it’s like the thieves who stole my iPhone stole my writing soul too. Leaving an empty, doggerel spewing version of who I used to be.

I went from a Kevin Smith movie (ok, not that good, but at least I was aiming for that, even if I was missing by a mile) to..some poorly written movie. See, I don’t even have the creativity to finish my damn metaphor.

Someone stole my writing mojo, and I need to get it back. Because I like to write. And even though I’d never make a life of it anyway, it’s a guaranteed failure now. Because an ad put out for a whiny, depressing, narcissist writer wouldn’t get anywhere.

This is like an unfunny version of an Austin Powers movie…


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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3 Responses to My writing mojo

  1. Mike says:

    At least you had it at some point. Some of us are not so lucky.

    Hope you find it again.

  2. Uninvoked says:


    *ties writing mojo to a stick*

    Come get it!

    *dashes off*

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